Study Spanish in Tarifa

10 Basic steps that will help you learn Spanish

Learning Spanish will help you a lot, especially if you are planning to travel to Spain. You can also study Spanish in Tarifa on your tour to Tarifa, Spain; there are many language institutes in the town of Tarifa where you can learn the basic of Spanish language. Right now, you will be learning about the basics of the Spanish language and what are the some tips and techniques that would help you in speaking Spanish frequently.

How to introduce a newbie to Spanish language

When a person is introduced to a language, he/she should learn how to pronounce and write the alphabets of that language. Secondly, he/she should be taught about the common phrases of that language such as “hola” for “hello”, “Si” for “yes”, “gracias” for “thanks you”, etc. There are many other techniques that would help newbies to any language, some of the techniques that would help you in learning Spanish are outlined below

  1. Learning Spanish Alphabets
    Spanish alphabets are closest to the English alphabets because both languages have the same origin. Alphabets like A=ah, B = beh, C = ceh, p = peh, etc. Some letters are different and people can learn with a little practice.
  2. Subtitles
    Watch Spanish documentaries, movies, tv with English subtitles. Listen to each Spanish word carefully and read the subtitle against the word. Watching movies, T.V of other languages with subtitles of your native language is a fun way for learning that language.
  3. Common Phrases
    Give attention to the common phrases of the language such as “hola for hello”, “Me llamo” for “my name is”, “mucho gusto means nice to meet you”, etc.
  4. Learn how to speak regular and irregular verbs
    Learn how to say regular verbs of the Spanish language such as “I speak”=”yo hablo”, “He speaks”=”el Habla”, “I eat”=”yo como”, etc.
  5. Get to know about the gender rules of the Spanish language
    “El chico” in Spanish is used for masculine, he, and la chica is used for girl. Masculine nouns in Spanish generally end with an “o”, words that end with an “a” are usually feminine.
  6. Try to combine simple Spanish words into sentences
    Play a little with Spanish words to combine into sentences. Such as write on paper, the English line for your name as “Hello! my name is Sam” and write below it in Spanish “Hola me llamo Sam”. That is some fun to write your name in Spanish language.
  7. Make friends with Spanish People
    Find people on the internet who can talk in Spanish. There are several language communities where people get together to share their skills in their native language. Talking with people from Spain will help you to better your language skill.
  8. Read, Read, and Read
    Reading is the most important tool to learn a language. People can start with “magazines” and “news” because literature is something that you can understand after getting a complete understanding of the language.
  9. Find Spanish Courses online
    There are several websites that would offer Spanish courses to people, get yourself registered for studying in any great online Spanish school.
  10. Studying Spanish in Tarifa
    If you ar on a tour in Spanish cities such as Tarifa, Madrid, or Valencia, you can incorporate yourself into any great Spanish school or institute in these cities.

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